The ancient painting above depicts Jesus as King of kings seated on the throne of His father David at the right hand of God in heaven. George Kouri not only seeks to recover the authentic faith of the 1st Century Apostles, but also to apply that faith to the 21st Century.

India Mission January 2015



    On August 23-25 the apostolic fathers and leaders of the apostolic networks that make up the Communion of Apostolic Churches (a global communion of apostles and churches) gathered in General Council at the King Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Apostolic leaders from India, Africa, Canada and the USA participated in this historic gathering. The purpose of the General Council was to review the CAC’s core doctrinal beliefs, architectural wineskin or structure, and governmental order to better...


    AUGUST 23-25 - THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE COMMUNION OF APOSTLES AND CHURCHES (CAC) WILL CONVENE ITS FIRST EVER GENERAL APOSTOLIC COUNCIL OR SENATE GATHERING.The Executive Council of the Communion of Apostles and Churches announces that it is convening a General Apostolic Council or Senate gathering during the week of August 23-25. This historic gathering is being convened for the purpose of reviewing the core beliefs, architectural paradigms or blueprints, apostolic strategies and structu...


    In January of this year Bishop Kouri, Apostle Mike Daub, and Hannah and Eric Granata went to India for the 2016 Communion of Apostolic Churches mission trip. Bishop Kouri went primarily to spend some face time with Paul Rebbavarapu and his son James who head up the Communion of Covenant Churches, made up of over 7,000 churches that they and their apostolic company have planted. This work is the fruit of almost forty years of covenant relationship with them and with the work in India.

  • Mike Daub's India Report Part 1

    This is the first of 3 reports describing my trip to India, January 19 through February 1. In this report, I will address my time with the NE Himalayan regional director for Apostolic Ministries and Churches International and the Apostles Theological Seminary, Dr. Adam Rangnamei. This was truly an epic event for me.

  • A Rebuttal of Perry Stone's Article "An Arab Antichrist And The 8th Kingdom" in the September Issue of Charisma

     I Invite my Communion friends and family to watch the videos or listen to the Podcasts of my latest series of sermons rebutting the doom and gloom articles posted in September's Issue of Charisma Magazine featuring David Jeremiah and Perry Stone's outlandish and outright heretical views of Christ's Kingdom and the end times.

  • Mission INDIA: Christmas Offering

    Dear Family and Friends, In January of 2015 I took my wife, daughter and granddaughter to South India on apostolic mission. Pastor Sandra and I  ministered in several of the churches that we helped to plant and also in 2 major leadership conferences in Ongole and Hyderbad. Pastor Sandra, Hannah, and Isabel took several suitcases full of clothing and medical supplies to the orphanages that have been established to care for special needs children in Hyderabad and in Ongole.


    If you live near Jacksonville, Florida and do not have a church home join me at the King's Church this Sunday and enjoy the second message in my new sermon series: "DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE." My message this Sunday is titled, "CREATED FOR GOD'S PLEASURE"and deals with the first of the five God-given purposes of life. In this life-changing message I will explain what it means to give God pleasure and to have a deep personal relationship or friendship with Jesus and your heavenly Father. I als...


    This is a special invitation from Bishop George Kouri and the King's Church in Jacksonville, Florida to join us this Sunday, September 15 for the National Back To Church Campaign! Bishop Kouri will begin his new sermon series entitled: "Discover Your Life Purpose!"One of the great needs of our lives is the need for self worth, meaning, significance and purpose. What is the significance and purpose of your life?

  • Download the CAC India Mission Report

    Download the Report

  • Watch George Kouri's Video: "How Jesus Became King"

    In his book "How God Became King" award-winning New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright writes that the forgotten message of the four Gospels is how Yahweh became King. In the preface to his book Wright amazingly declares that, "most of the Western Christian tradition has simply forgotten what the Gospels are really all about. Despite centuries of intense and heavy industry expended on the study of all sorts of features of the gospels, we have often managed to miss the main thing tha...

  • Watch Chancellor Kouri's Christian Life Series, "How Shall We Live?"

    In light of the fact that God the Father has established the throne of His Son and made Jesus Lord and King, how then shall we live? Francis Schaffer (pictured here) wrote a powerful book on this theme in 1976. As one of the foremost evangelical thinkers of the twentieth century, Francis Schaeffer long pondered the fate of declining Western culture. In this brilliant book he analyzed the reasons for modern society's state of affairs and presented the only viable alternative: living by the Christi...


    Contrary to popular opinion the Book of Revelation was not, I repeat, not written to us or to our generation. According to Jesus Himself (Revelation 1:1-3), it was written to seven city-churches located in Asia Minor (today's Turkey) and to the saints of the first century to prepare them for certain catastrophic and age-ending events that were about to take place in their day. No, it is not about the coming of a future Antichrist, Cobra Helicopters, or World War III!

  • Jonathan Welton Endorses Apostle Kouri's Book, The Sign Of The Kingdom

    Well known author and head of Welton Academy endorses Apostle Kouri's book, The Sign Of The Kingdom.

  • Take AM509 God's Agenda For The 21st Century & Taste And See

    "The 21st Century will be an apostolic century. The Lord's Church will be revived, the foundations of Messiah's Kingdom will be restored, the Church will be reformed and function as One, Holy, Apostolic Church! As a result the nations shall come to the light of the Church's rising." With these prophetic words Apostle George Kouri begins his powerful course AM507 "God's Agenda For The 21st Century".

  • Apostle Stan Newton Endorses "The Sign Of The Kingdom"

    "For several decades I’ve read books on God’s advancing kingdom. I constantly look for additional resources to educate and inspire the church. Without hesitation The Sign of the Kingdom by George E.

  • ATS Masters & Doctoral Courses For Spring Semester 2015!

    The following courses are being offered in the Master's Degree for the Spring Semester 2015 which Starts January 13: AD 501 “Living in Messiah’s Day and Celebrating the Lord’s Day”- The Purpose of the Present Administration of Jesus the Messiah King, His Church, the Church’s Day of Worship and the Church’s Role in the Judgment of Civil Governments and Nations - 3 Credit hours AM 540 “The Ministry of Apostles, Prophets and the Apostolic-Prophetic Church”- How Apostles and Prophets are the Foundat...

  • Apostle Stan Newton's Testimony About the Recent CAC Conference

    Bishop Kouri, I just heard your opening word at the CAC Conference. If this one message was heard by church leaders across the world, the church would be on the steps of a major reformation and the kingdom greatly advanced. I wish I was there with true kingdom apostles and saints.


    The feedback received from a number of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who attended the recent AWAKE O ZION Conference hosted by the Communion of Apostolic Churches at the King's Church in Jacksonville, Florida... reveals a deep spiritual hunger and longing for an authentic apostolic reformation in this century. The Word of the Kingdom was proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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