Don't Miss The AMCI Southeast Regional Conference: "REDISCOVERING THE KINGDOM"

Fri, March 12, 20106:30 PM

The Southeast Regional Council of Apostolic Ministries and Churches International presents Bishop George Kouri  proclaiming: "GOD'S AGENDA FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY."

Here are a few quotes from Bishop's challenging and provocative message preached in leadership conferences throughout Africa, the United States, and Canada:

"God has an agenda for the 21st century... His agenda will not fail!"

"The 21st century will be an apostolic century...the foundations of Christ's Kingdom established by Jesus and the original apostles will be fully restored... the Lord's Church will be reformed. As a result all nations will come to the light of the Church's rising, and just as the prophets of ancient Israel envisioned, the whole earth will be filled with the glory of the sons of God!"

"Today we hear a lot of talk about a new apostolic reformation of the Lord's Church and the nations. But it is foolish to talk about an apostolic reformation without rediscovering the foundations or the basis of the early Church's unity and it's success in conquering the Roman Empire!"

In his powerful apostolic and prophetic message "GOD'S AGENDA FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY" Bishop draws on more than 50 years of ministry experience and proclaims what it is going to take for the Lord's Church to be fully reformed, reorganized, and restructured so that it can function as one holy nation, the instrument of Christ's Kingdom in the earth!

The Southeast Regional Conference of Apostolic Ministries and Churches International begins Friday evening, March 12 at 6:30 PM.

Bishop Kouri will minister Part 1 of "God's Agenda" entitled, "FILLING ALL THINGS!"

There will also be two special morning sessions on Saturday:

In the first session beginning promptly at 8:30 AM Bishop will continue with Part 2 of "God's Agenda": "REDISCOVERING THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM."

In the second session beginning at 10 AM Bishop will conclude "God's Agenda" with "RESTORING THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE APOSTLES."

Brother Kouri will stay over to minister for Dr. Haynes in the Sunday morning service at Faith Bible Worship Center on the theme: "PROMISE AND FULFILLMENT!" This powerful prophetic message is taken from the life of Joseph and deals with what a believer must do between the time he receives a promise from God and the promise is fulfilled.


Faith Bible Worship Center

90 Public Square

Darlington, SC 29532

Host Pastors: Drs. Derrick & Sharon Haynes